Importance Of Recycling

Excessive rain, flooding, extreme heat or cold, prolonged drought, drying up of rivers and other water bodies and toxic food are some of the side effects that emanate from poor environmental management. The prevalence of pollution coupled with cutting down of trees has led to the high levels of climatic changes being experienced in different places all over the world. However, as human beings, we have the power to rectify the situation before it is too late by engaging in actions that are environmental friendly including computer recycling.

Importance of recycling

Recycling prevents harmful substances such as lead that are common in computers from leaching into the soil and ending up on the food we consume on a daily basis. This also prevents the harmful substances from ending up in rivers and other water bodies endangering the life or animals that drink the water, aquatic life and human life.

Prevention of soil pollution

Recycling also prevents poor disposal of non-biodegradable parts of computers and other substances that could result in water, soil and air pollution. The presence of non-biodegradable substances in soil limits its fertility and minimises the levels of agricultural production. This contributes highly to food insecurity in the world.

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Recovering useful ores and conservation of resources

Through recycling, useful metallic ores are recovered from different parts of the computer. Mining of these ores is not only capital intensive but it also has adverse effects on the environment. Mining leaves eye sores in an area and it weakens the earth making an area more prone to volcanic eruptions and other forms of natural earth movements. In addition, some of these ores are on the verge of exhaustion. The amount of resources require to mine a small quantity of ores is high. These resources can be used to perform other tasks in a country.

Creation of job opportunities

The rate for unemployment increases as more people join the labour market. To remedy the situation, the governments encourage the creation of job opportunities by the private sector. Recycling companies not only help with environmental management but they also provide employment opportunities to a number of individuals either directly or indirectly.

Contribution to GDP and economic growth

The more productive a country is, the better the lives of its residents and citizens. Through the creation of the recycling industry, the government is able to earn more money through taxation, employees are able to earn a living and in some cases, the state is able to assist other nations recycle their waste products at a fee. The GDP is therefore on a continuous growth trajectory which may translate to better living standards throughout the state.

Environmentally speaking

Recycling computers and other waste products not only prevents the exhaustion of minerals but it also ensures that the environment is clean and devoid of pollutants that affect the well-being of plants, animals and human beings. Taking care of the environment is indeed taking care of future generations. Therefore the continuity of future generations is dependent on our actions today. This calls for responsible behaviour among citizens.